NatureBox is a subscription service providing the delivery of healthy snack boxes to your front door for $19.95 per month. The company's promises are similar to those of BarkBox but while the latter focuses on pet's health, NatureBox claims to do everything possible to improve yours. The company behind the service was established in 2011 and is currently based out of San Carlos, CA.

The company was founded by Guantum Gupta, a man who used to weigh more than 200 pounds at the age of 12. At that period of life the guy suffered from considerable obesity due to the chronic overconsumption of junk food. This was when he decided to his own way of life and created NatureBox some ten years later. The service is dedicated to assisting others to live a healthier life by eating healthy products. According to the official website of the company, even a few changes in your diet can lead to tremendous improvements in your weight, well-being and health in general.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Unfortunately, the manufacturer of the product does not mention any possible health dangers associated with the consumption of their foods by the customers. However, the risk of experiencing side effects and allergic reactions is really high, especially in sensitive people. As each of the monthly boxes contains nuts, people allergic to this product should be very cautious. It is better to avoid consuming nuts at all, since these can cause a serious allergic reactions and even death in allergic people. Let us take a look at some reviews left by real customers of the service.

One guy writes in his testimonial that when he first subscribed for the NatureBox service, the only option presented to him was a membership to the tune of $10 a month. A few days later the guy received an email notification that the product he had subscribed to was sold out. The man placed an order containing other stuff and decided to cancel the subscription on the product that was sold out by calling the customer service. The company's representative, Monica, canceled his membership. The customer required explanation why he was being billed $10 a month while the subscription was $5 a month, according to the website clearly states that. Monica we telling some nonsense and the man understood that he had to cancel his subscription completely. He didn't like the company's business model. It seemed to be a scam and he would not recommend this service and company to anyone.

One woman reports in her review that she signed up for NatureBox but the company immediately charged her $50 after she canceled her automatic shipment. The woman tried to log into her account and requested a password reset. The link she received was not safe and Chrome even refused to open it, just like Internet Explorer (it blocked the link). The woman ended up on their official website, talking to Grace who did not want to refund her $50. The customer hasn't got her money back and stayed very disappointed with the actions and promises of the company. She recommends potential clients to go anywhere else. Even a local store would be better and less stressing. It is high time to take a look at the actual customers' reviews.

"Do not sign up for NatureBox service. I received a $1 box from this company and the description did not mention about signing up for a $50 membership. A week later I got the box, and my account was charged $50. I did not authorize this because I did not agree to this. At present I faced inability to cancel this crap on my account. They follow a dishonest business model, while the official website has no phone number to contact the customer service. I have discussed this charge with my bank, and was promised to get my money back."

"Do not buy anything from NatureBox. These people are scammers. I was signed up for a membership for $50 even without my consent. They regularly steal money from my account, and the customer service is just awful. I received snacks that were out of stock and random crap. When I asked for my money back, they gave me "store credit" instead. I made a lot of phone calls but in vain. Finally, they blatantly refused to give me a refund. This is absolutely ridiculous. It is better to spend your money at your local grocery store."

"I tried to place an order on the NatureBox official website, but when I entered my card information, I was informed that it was unable to process. I repeated the procedure three times, but I vain. Then I received a confirmation email informing that it went through. I emailed them at once in order to cancel the order. I couldn't call on the phone because it was a Sunday. I did not receive any answer. Today I finally contacted an associate who told me that they can't cancel my order. Now I am out $30. That's terrible."