Leptigen is a dietary supplement manufactured by company called Green Bracket LLC at a facility in California. It intends to increase metabolism and normalize sugar levels in the blood and to manage glucose tolerance. It is said to be helpful when losing extra weight and body fat. There is an official website which is though professionally made, doesn't contain the most important information about the product's ingredients and possible side effects. It only states the names of the used ingredients and their dosages, as well as claims that Leptigen doesn't cause any side effects, which is not true, as I found out later.

The official website seems to give answers to basic FAQ but it contains only possible testimonials which make me think that these are fake reviews. It also says about some clinical studies but they are not FDA approved. Leptigen claims to be a weight loss product that has thermogenic properties due to which fat is burnt and appetite is suppressed. Let's find out whether these statements are true or this is another scam.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

There are no significant side effects stated on the official Leptigen website. However, you can find a great number of side effects informed by true users of the supplement. Some people inform about mild headaches, while others claim to suffer from an increased heart rate. And there is no doubt. The matter is that the product contains caffeine, which could lead to jitteriness. You may also experience difficulties sleeping. For this reason avoid taking Leptigen before sleep or in the evening.

Some customers may get an allergy to the ingredients of the product. They may experience gastric disturbance, sweating, nausea, etc. Leptigen is not recommended to people with certain medical problems or conditions, as well as for those who already take certain medicines. Such people should ask for advice from their doctor. It should be noted that Leptigen can be dangerous for pregnant women or for breast-feeding ladies. This supplement should also be avoided by people suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure. The product might worsen your condition.

"Leptigen made it very hard for me to sleep. My leg muscles had spasms. Lots of bloating and nausea in the morning"
"Taking leptigen before bed caused me to wake up with a horrible stomach ache, which resulted in vomitting"
"Leptigen doesn't work. I've weighed myself as soon as this was delivered. I weighed 190 when I started. After 4 weeks I weighed myself again at 201"