Hanacure's multi-action treatment mask is designed for people of all skin types and ages due to the use of the patented CO2 OctoLift technology that promises to firm and lift skin, correct uneven tone and dark spots, minimize pores, decrease wrinkles and fine lines, as well as brighten and detoxify your skin. The mask needs to be applied to the skin for only 30 minutes, during which dermatologist tested peptides and botanicals are promised to deliver transformation to remove impurities and make your look youthful and glowing again. According to the official website you can expect continued transformation when using this mask regularly. The manufacturer promises that after 31 days, mask users experienced up to a 208% increase in skin luminescence, up to a 63% reduction in wrinkles, 51% pore size reduction, and a 68% reduction in hyperpigmentation. But are all these people really ready to recommend the Mask to their friends? Will you experience the same results? We are going to discuss everything we have learned about this beauty treatment in this article, but at first let us take a look at what we know about the manufacturer of the product.

Hanacure's products are mame by Bonnie & Claus Inc., a company that is based out of Los Angeles, CA, and has been in business since 2015. Hanacure's All-In-One Mask contains two main components: the Gelling Solution and the Lifting Serum. When mixed, these two components are said to form a Purifying Compound that creates a strong binding force to produce the firming and lifting effects for your skin. The process is said to work over five steps. The first one involves application of the two components. The next, fusing, means that the CO2 OctoLift works by changing the Purifying Compound from a liquid to a solid. You will need to use the brush to apply the substance evenly to the neck, face, and back of your hands. Leave it on for 30 minutes. Multi-Action is the period of thirty minutes during which you may feel an intense lifting and tightening sensation due to the peptides fighting the signs of aging and the botanical extracts working to absorb impurities. Wash is the final step that involves the use of warm water to rinse the substance from the skin. You can moisturize it if necessary. Dry the brush to reuse it later. Let us take a look at the Hanacure' ingredients.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the Hanacure FAQ section on their official website, the higher mentioned ingredients deliver lifting and tightening effects, so they shouldn't be used for your skin within one to two weeks of receiving peel, laser, or retinoid treatments. Even though the product is classified as hypoallergenic, some customers report experiencing severe redness for a few hours after its application. That is why those with sensitive or fair skin are not advised to use Hanacure. Finally, it is noted that you should talk to your physician if you are nursing or pregnant before using the mask. There are few customer reviews about the product online. The only consumer feedback we met was on Amazon, where several reviewers had given the Hanacure Set an average rating of 2.3 stars. The users did not see big improvements in their pore size, skin softness, and dark spots. Two users did not see any changes in their skin and were not satisfied with the mask's high price. Let us take a look at the actual customers' reviews.

"Hanacure is a too pricey product that works not better than egg whites. This is a scam, a very expensive scam. The mask doesn't work at all. I bought one kit for $29 and another box for $110 plus shipping. Waste of money. I would not recommend this company and their products to anyone."

"I did not like hanacure mask and I tried to return the three unopened masks in the package. However, the seller did not allow me to do it. I am not pleased with this marketing policy. Besides, this mask hurt me and caused skin irritation. Do not buy anything from this company."

"Hanacure is a totally overrated product that does not work. I saw no difference in my skin's condition after using it for two weeks. By the way, I felt that my face shrank a lot after this mask. Do not waste your money. $30 is too much for 30 minutes. I started thinking that all the positive reviews on the Hanacure website aren't legit."